Would You Like To Do More To Support Our Artisans While Indulging Your Passion For Jewellery?

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Do you love The Bangle Business jewellery so much that sometimes you dream of owning it all? Now, you can have greater access to your favourite jewellery designs and artisans.

The Bangle Business is leading the way in sustainability and personal connection within the jewellery industry by providing the means to connect lovers of unique, detailed, handcrafted jewellery with the artisans that make these wearable works of art. Now, lovers of fine jewellery have a new, unique opportunity to support free trade and independent craftsmanship by becoming a stockist through the Bangle Business.

As a stockist, you have the ability to acquire and display these exquisite, handmade items at a special rate. Since we only work with fair trade artisans and suppliers who do not use child labour, but rather employ a production system that is ethical and fair, you can help lift individuals out of poverty as well as build responsible, sustainable communities while you indulge your passion for jewellery. As a stockist, you will go a step further than just wearing your favourite creations, and can provide a place for others to discover and obtain these gorgeous handcrafted works.

If you become a stockist with us, you will be joining a growing, but select group of fine retailers that are assisting fans of handcrafted jewellery to be able to select signature pieces and other personal items of jewellery that have been lovingly created to the highest standards.

Choosing the perfect piece of jewellery is a highly personal experience. Since our emphasis is on building community and sustainability, and improving the personal connection between jewellery maker and the wearer of jewellery, we must limit those who display and sell the jewellery to those who have a physical store location or a professional online store. We have found that this practice is best to ensure that each purchaser of these brilliant pieces receives the personal attention that they need to select the piece that is best suited to them.

You can learn more about becoming a stockist and see the list of our current stockist partners on our website.