What Was Your First Piece Of Jewellery?

POSTED BY: TheBangleBusiness


I remember going to primary school with a girl who always wore a gold ring on her finger.  In the earlier years her ring was a sweet heart with a little bluebird on it.  By the time we were in the higher years her ring was still a gold heart but it had a tiny little ruby in it.  They were gifts from her grandmother and were the first pieces of jewellery she owned.

I think I probably had a love of jewellery born in me but it was certainly spurred on by the idea of a ring of love given from grandmother to granddaughter.  Yes, I was sentimental even at that age.

I wonder if she still has those rings, wrapped up and treasured as special memories of her nana.

I loved playing with jewellery and much of it was play jewels but I didn’t care.  The shapes, colours and sparkle kept me entertained for hours.  I would wear it “layer upon layer” and thought I looked stylish and very grown up.

I remember being given jewellery which belonged to my mother when she was young.  I still love those pieces.  Many of my friends first memory of jewellery is the friendship ring given to them by their boyfriends.

I just love the idea that jewellery isn’t just a decoration.  It’s a physical link to another person and a wonderful memory. 

Do you remember when you were given your first piece of jewellery?  What was the occasion?

Please leave me a comment and tell me who gave it to you and what the piece was.  I’d love to hear your stories.