Wear Your Jewellery Every Day

POSTED BY: TheBangleBusiness


How many pieces of jewellery do you own?

Where do you keep them?

I ask you those questions because I am often surprised that women buy jewellery and don’t wear it.  If I own a piece that I love, I like to wear it even if I am not going anywhere special.

To me jewellery is important for many reasons but there are two which are really special.

Firstly my jewellery has a significance to me.  I own it because it means something.  Occasionally it reminds me of a place that my husband and I have visited together.  It is a story and a memory in jewellery form.  Sometimes my jewellery is linked in my heart and memory to a special person.  It may have been a gift from someone special or handed down through the family.  The piece carries the warmth of the others who have loved it and when I wear it, I can feel it within me. 

Secondly, I buy a piece of jewellery because I love it.  It speaks to me and when I wear it I feel fantastic.  That’s the way I want to feel every day.  Why would I leave my jewellery in the box when it could be on my wrist, dangling from my ears or nestled around my neck? 

I really think that jewellery loses some of its shine if it is just left sitting in a box somewhere and never worn.  It’s as if it gives up hope of ever being worn, and some of the life dies out of it.  (I know; I’ve been called sentimental many times!)

Our jewellery is all made by hand, person to person, and I hate to think of it sitting in your collection to be admired but not worn.  Please tell me you wear your Bangle Business jewellery.  Wear it to feel fabulous and wear it to show your support of the amazing artisans who crafted the piece.

Wear your jewellery every day and make it feel loved.