New Arrivals In Filigree Jewellery

POSTED BY: TheBangleBusiness


Filigree is the art of making jewellery from strands of wire that are worked into decorative, ornate, artistic shapes. These designs are usually worked in precious or semi-precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or bronze and have a delicate, light and airy appearance and can resemble the openness of lace cloth.

The word filigree is believed to be derived from two Latin words that mean wire and bead. This form of jewellery making has been common since the ancient era and pieces from the Mesopotamian and Etruscan civilisations have survived to the present day.

 The beauty and durability of this type of jewellery has allowed filigree to remain a favorite choice across many cultures and throughout the centuries.

Filigree comes in four basic styles. 

- Openwork filigree does not use a supporting surface for wires to hold the design in place.

- Ground-supported filigree uses a supporting metal to hold the design in place and to which the worked wire is attached.

- A third method combines these first two styles to add greater variety to the design.

- The fourth type of filigree features enamel or another material which is used as filler between the wires.

The four basic styles of filigree work can each be highly customised to create almost any look and fit any mood, whether you are searching for a signature piece that will pull your ensemble together or are striving for a more understated, refined statement with your jewellery choice.

The Bangle Business has several new arrivals that feature handmade filigree jewellery.  These handmade pieces celebrate all four styles of this beautiful form of wearable art.

Choose from the delicate, timeless appeal of traditional leaf filigree earrings or enjoy elegant filigree earrings accented with amethyst. The filigree flower pendant offers a fresh, modern twist to filigree’s classic form, or you can go for a more glamourous look with the sophisticated design of the filigree amethyst pendant.

If you love delicate pieces, filigree work will give you the look you love.