How To Stack Your Bangles

POSTED BY: TheBangleBusiness


Let me start by saying that rules are meant to be broken, there’s no such thing as a rule and jewellery choices are a personal thing.  You probably understand where I’m coming from now.

The great thing about bangles is that you can wear a lot all at once and, in fact, that’s the stylish way to wear them these days.

If you’re not confident in your mixing and matching, here are a few ideas to help you get your bangles stacked.


Choose bangles of similar widths.  When you have a large bangle next to a slim one, the smaller bangle can often get lost.


Choose colours that blend together for a cohesive look.  Stacking gives you the opportunity to add a bangle in the colour of the season and to tie it in with the rest of your outfit.


Keep your style choices similar.  For example, don’t wear a pearl bangle next to a skull decorated one.  The mood of each is quite different.

If you’re not sure how they will look together, stack them up in front of you.  At the bottom you will need quite a strong bangle, both for supporting the stack and as a statement.  Then pile them up on top.  You can vary textures by choosing bangles with different surfaces.  They don’t all have to shine at once.

Bangle stacks can be dressed up or down depending on the event you are attending.  For special occasions you might like to choose bangles with crystals or shimmering surfaces.  For daytime or casual events, a touch of leather or texture would be great.

So there you have your introduction to stacking bangles.

As I said, you don’t have to follow the rules especially at the cost of your personality.  Bangles are fun so just remember that and enjoy creating different looks.