Be As Proud And As Beautiful As A Peacock

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The peacock is known throughout the entire world for its brilliant, attention grabbing blue-purple-green and gold plumage that forms a dazzling eye at the end of its feathers. The bird is prominent in the mythology of many cultures across the world where it is almost universally renowned as a symbol of resurrection, power, royalty and rebirth.

India is the original native homeland of this proud and fearless fowl, where it has become the country’s national bird. In India, the bird is closely associated with deities as well as royalty, and the bird is a prominent figure in the Indian legends of Indra, Skanda, Murugan as well as being closely associated with the Indian goddess of music, wisdom and poetry, Sarasvati.

The peacock’s feathers are renewed each year, and are used in traditional medicine to ward off poisons such as those that come from snakebite and are believed by some to protect the wearer from evil. Even the ancient Arabs saw the peacock as a guardian of the gates of paradise, and the Chinese saw it as a powerful talisman that could promote fertility. The fame of the peacock spread throughout Europe during the medieval area, where its regal profile and plumage graced many of the coats of arms of those who held the highest ranks of nobility and royalty.


Now you can turn heads and capture everyone’s attention while you pay homage to the power and majesty of this stunning creature by proudly wearing a beautiful Peacock bangle that is handcrafted in the bird’s birth country of India. The Paradise Bangle is just one of the many finely crafted bracelets that one will find at the Bangle Business and it features a wide cuff with a sparkling design of multicolored stones that are artfully set into a mosaic that depicts the fabled bird in a traditional pose of looking back at its feathers.